You’re invited to Internet Explorer 11’s retirement party - June 15, 2022

IE11 is retiring after years of challenging work and perseverance. It’s moving out of the limelight and into a life of seclusion. Its replacement, Microsoft Edge, is keen to take-over after years of waiting in the wings. Once retired, you can still spend time with the legendary browser while accessing our Learnforce products; however, the retiree’s performance might be a bit glitchy.

As of June 15, 2022, Microsoft is retiring its Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) product. Its faster and more secure product, Microsoft Edge, is IE11’s replacement.

Learnforce is supporting this move by backing modern browsers such as Microsoft Edge, as they increase online security for our users. Leveraging the features of current browsers also helps our users to have a better online experience.

Microsoft has created this Internet Explorer 11 desktop app retirement FAQ article if you would like to learn more about their decision.

After this date, you can still use IE11 with Learnforce; however, you may encounter unfixable issues that you would not experience with a supported browser. Please note that when any future Learnforce updates occur, they will not be tested against IE11.

These are our recommended browsers:

  • Google Chrome (our pick)
  • Mozilla Firefox (our pick)
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Apple Safari

You can access a list of our recommended browsers, along with their download links, at any time by going to:

  • the Portal (you don’t need to log in) > clicking on the Help menu item > selecting Software Downloads from the left panel.

Clicking on a recommended browser option takes you to their Download page. 

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