Latest product updates

Ruling over your group has never been easier

You asked and we delivered! In LMS, you can now add and remove accounts with ease using the Accounts tab of your group. It’s now a piece of cake to maintain and control the accounts within your group. You don’t need a pie chart to work out who belongs in what group anymore, you just need to take a few simple steps. Now I’m going to take a step towards the fridge, all that talk of delivering pie and cake has made me hungry.

Care Planning in Aged Care

Care plans help guide the care and services that aged care consumers receive. They are unique to each consumer and developed in partnership with the consumer, their family or advocates, and staff. It is crucial that Aged Care organisations have standardised processes for creating and following care plans. Aged care staff also have a role to play in helping to keep them up to date.

LGBTIQA+ Awareness in the Workplace

Forward thinking organisations recognise, appreciate and embrace the diversity within their workforce. Workplaces that are LGBTIQA+ inclusive outperform those that are not.

Manual Tasks in Aged Care rebuild

Kineo’s Manual Tasks in Aged Care course has been updated to align with our current product framework – look forward to seeing a new Home page, new animations, new imagery, revised content and more!