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Latest product updates

Food Allergens in Aged Care

Food Allergens in Aged Care is a new online training course developed to provide learners working in residential and home-based care settings with all the knowledge and tools they need to ensure that consumers are provided with food that is safe for them.

You’re invited to Internet Explorer 11’s retirement party - June 15, 2022

IE11 is retiring after years of challenging work and perseverance. It’s moving out of the limelight and into a life of seclusion. Its replacement, Microsoft Edge, is keen to take-over after years of waiting in the wings. Once retired, you can still spend time with the legendary browser while accessing our Learnforce products; however, the retiree’s performance might be a bit glitchy.

Anti-Money Laundering updated

Kineo's Anti-Money Laundering course has been updated to also cover best practice and legislation in the UK.

Here’s to making your lives easier with our new Dashboard!

Getting your staff to complete their compliance training can be difficult, which is why, with our new Dashboard, you can empower your managers to do the following up for you.

Export information with ease with the Training Summary report

To make your life easier, we’ve added an Export function within the Graphical output of the Training Summary report. You can now click one button to download all chart information - no more clicking every segment to obtain all the results you need!

Use your style!

Edit your Classroom Booking (CBS) description boxes with ease by using the WYSIWYG editor tool.

Reporting Abuse and Serious Incidents in Residential Aged Care

Legislation changes have updated the reporting requirements for all workers in residential aged care. Kineo Course’s updated Reporting Abuse and Serious Incidents in Residential Aged Care covers these requirements, meeting the new legislative need and helping provide person-centred care to all consumers.