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Workplace Aggression and Violence in Healthcare

Workplace aggression and violence are unfortunate realities that healthcare workers encounter, and these incidents can be highly stressful, emotionally charged, and carry long-term health risks, both physical and psychological. By equipping yourself with the skills to recognise the signs, establish boundaries, communicate with compassion, and respond appropriately, you can foster a safer environment for patients and staff.

Introduction to Valuing Your People

Kineo Courses is excited to announce that our new ESG course, Introduction to Valuing Your People is now available!

Why settle for one manager when you can have a whole managerial cheer squad?!

The wait is over! Get ready to amplify the Direct Manager experience as we pop, lock, rock and roll out this fun-tastic feature we promised you. Use the smooth moves of LMS, Batch Tool, and our APIs to give your accounts an entire dance crew of Direct Managers. No more solo acts – it's time to let an ensemble take the lead(ership roles).

ADVANCE NOTICE: Batch Tool & API changes that will enable the multiple Direct Managers feature.

Our Direct Manager feature is going from single to mingle because, let’s face it, more Direct Managers = more fun! Your LMS, Batch Tool, and APIs are all on the guest list, and they’re putting on their dancing shoes and getting ready to party. (Approximate date of party – end of February 2024)

Hey, don’t I know you? Introducing the new Identification Card feature on your Portal.

With a click of a button, your account users can now download their own identification cards via your Portal. Adding the personal touch, this sleek new card contains the account user’s name, photo, account ID, and company. Completing the look is the inclusion of your business’s branding and logo, making an all-round professional tool that can be used to identify your people.

Health and Safety in the Workplace

The learning and resources from three of Kineo’s workplace health and safety courses have been combined into one comprehensive solution. Incorporating innovative technological advancements, a refreshed look and feel, and updated content to provide your learners with a streamlined and engaging experience.