You can now map a Direct Manager to an account via the Batch Tool.

Want to add a Direct Manager against a bunch of accounts, but you don’t want to have to go into each account and manually insert them? Well, now you can make the system add them for you via a batch!

We’ve made the Batch Tool more awesome than ever!

You can now create a batch that adds a Direct Manager against an existing account. You can even use the tool to update multiple accounts at the same time!

In the Batch Tool, there is now a Batch Type drop-down field that allows you to choose one of the following types of batches to create:

  • Account – Create Account, or
  • Update Direct Manager. 

When you select the Update Direct Manager option, you can then download the CSV template for that type of batch, view its validation rules, and control whether the first row of the CSV includes the column headings.

During the batch creation, the Direct Managers listed in the file are mapped to the relevant accounts and the content in the file is validated. The validation for updating a Direct Manager works in the same way as creating a new account batch.

When the batch is successful:

  • a record is added to the Batch Tool Dashboard.
  • the accounts have had their Direct Managers updated.
  • the Direct Manager can now view the training information for their accounts in the Learnforce Portal Dashboard.

The system still allows you to manually remove, replace, and add a Direct Manager against an account via the Learning Management System (LMS). 

The original function of the Batch Tool was to create accounts in bulk by uploading a CSV. It allows you to continue to use the Batch Tool this way. You just need to make sure you choose this option in the drop-down before creating your batch.

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