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Working from home related content by Interaction Training is now available!

Interaction Training continue to support learners, who in this new world in which we live are now working from home, with the release of three new courses.

These three new titles have been developed and fine-tuned with feedback and the approval of the HR teams at Australian National University and Department of Social Services in Canberra.

These titles can also be extended / complemented with other relevant courses from their existing ranges. For example; Effective work plans, Emotional intelligence: Self awareness, Emotional intelligence: Social awareness, Motivation concepts for managers, Plan to achieve team outcomes, Planning and risk management, The fundamentals of change, Time and stress management, Types of teams.

We are all in this together

Coronavirus has impacted every one of us and our families in so many ways. Many of us have been thrust, at very short notice, into a situation of working remotely, from home. In this first introductory module, we will overview the impact of coronavirus before introducing quick tips for working at home, many of which will be expanded on in the courses that follow.

Tips and Tricks for working from home         

In the previous course, we investigated key factors to consider in the transition to safely working at home. In this course, we will go into a lot more depth in certain areas. This course is designed to supply a knowledge base that you can access whenever you need.

Wellbeing and resilience        

Less structure, more distractions and isolation are some of the core challenges that all remote workers face. The tendency is to struggle with these issues internally when it is not so easy to reach out to a trusted colleague. Here, we investigate wellbeing challenges in a remote setting and will walk you through challenges you will face when working remotely, and how to conquer them.

New titles and unit ID’s:

  • We are all in this together – 30054
  • Tips and Tricks for working from home – 30055
  • Wellbeing and resilience – 30056
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