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Working from Home

The ‘Working from home’ course provides learners with clear practical training on how to work from home effectively. The course teaches strategies to stay productive while having good work-life balance in a home-office work environment. The course includes how to set up for good office ergonomics, how to look after your mental health. It also reinforces that the usual expectations of work still apply.

The goal of the ‘Working from home’ course is to help people successfully work from home.This is done through interactive activities where the learner sets up a virtual workstation, by giving suggestions on how to structure and approach their day, how to manage their isolation and overall work-life balance.This is a behavioural-based course that includes a bonus ‘Routine planner’ tool.

This new course is designed for all remote workers in an at-home work environment.

This course features:

  • Short course seat-time.
  • Animated video
  • Interactive ‘set up the workstation’ activity
  • Practical suggestions
  • Routine planner tool
  • Short multiple-choice assessments

This course provides an understanding of:

  • Setting up your workstation.
  • Team culture and isolation
  • Work-life balance.

Duration: 10 minutes plus extra resource.

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