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We’re pleased to share that MicroLearn’s latest content release is now available!

Committed to developing brand new courses, as well as managing the high quality of their existing library, MicroLearn have created six new titles for release this August.

It’s been a busy quarter, with this latest release for 2020 including new in-demand titles joining the Customer Service, Personal Development and Workplace Wellbeing suites. MicroLearn have also rebranded their Data Protection suite with the introduction of two brand new courses. What’s more, they’ve updated their Workplace Wellbeing range and, in light of the current global pandemic, made updates to 10 titles across the catalogue to reflect new normal workplace skills.

Introducing to the catalogue new titles which support customer service best practice, they’ve created a Managing Expectations course which explores the effect that unrealistic customer expectations can have on their relationship with your organisation, and details how best to manage these to improve the current and future customer experience.

They’ve also created a Caring for Vulnerable Customers course which is designed to support frontline staff to identify a vulnerable customer and to make the appropriate allowances for their specific needs. Following the creation of the Freedom of Information courses, both for the UK and for Scotland, MicroLearn have rebranded their Data Protection suite: Information & Security. The two new titles discuss what ‘freedom of information’ is and why it is so important, and details how to make a freedom of information request. It also examines freedom of information legislation and illustrates how it can impact a public authority.

Considering the pressures of the current workplace climate, they’ve added a new Productivity course in the Personal Development suite, exploring the most effective ways to increase workplace productivity, ensuring tasks are completed in a timely manner, without compromise on quality.

Finally, they’ve introduced a new title to the popular Workplace Wellbeing range, exploring the Benefits of Good Sleep. This module explores why sleep is important for your general health and wellbeing and helps to identify habits, behaviours and environmental factors which could be affecting your sleep.

As well as regularly creating and adding new content to their library, MicroLearn pride themselves on consistently maintaining and updating the existing catalogue of titles. This quarter, they have reworked their Workplace Wellbeing suite, including brand new components, a style revamp and completely updated videos, the team have excelled themselves in maintaining the ever-increasing quality of the MicroLearn products.

What’s more, they’ve reworked 10 existing titles in the library to incorporate a broader focus on New Normal skills and behaviours, in light of the current global pandemic and the undeniable shifts this will have to workplace culture and practices. These titles include: Managing Personal Finance, Training For Non-Trainers, Brand & Reputation, Performance Management, What’s Not Being Said?, Dealing with Stress, Taking The Lead, Collaborative Working, Planning & Monitoring Team Performance, and Effective Meetings.

Ali Soper, Creative Director and Cofounder said: “Now more than ever, we know how empowering digital learning can be which is why we’re proud to add new titles to our off-the-shelf library of bite-sized resources every quarter. Driven by our customers and market need, the roadmap includes a variety of relevant and timely course content which supports today’s employees and organisations to boost workplace development and professional skills, and support businesses as we navigate through the new normal.”

For APAC and UK Kineo clients

New titles and unit ID’s:

  • Managing Expectations (Customer Service suite) - 11761
  • Productivity (Personal Development suite) - 11762
  • Benefits of Good Sleep (Workplace Wellbeing suite) - 11763

For UK only Kineo clients

New titles and unit ID’s:

  • Caring for Vulnerable Customers (Customer Service suite) - 10281
  • Freedom of Information (Information & Security suite) - 10282
  • Freedom of Information Scotland (Information & Security suite) - 10283

Updated suites:

  • Workplace Wellbeing
    • Updated 18 titles
    • Added downloadable Infographics & Factsheets

The updates to the existing suites have been automatically applied and will be visible to learners the next time they access the library.


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