New Feature

Users can reset assigned training via the portal

Version 9

Select the online training that your users can reset for themselves.

Without access to LearnForce Learning Management, a user is unable to reset training that is assigned to their account. This new feature provides a configuration where site administrators can define which online training a user is able to reset for themselves from My training in the learning portal.

A list of all online training that has been assigned across all users will be displayed, and you can select which training is available for users to reset for themselves.

The user will see a Reset Course button in the portal against the completed training, which can be pressed to reset the course back to Not Started state. The user is able to continuously reset the course as many times as they require, with each completion and reset of the training tracked and reportable from LearnForce.  

To enable this feature in your learning portal, a support request may need to be raised.   

For more detailed information about this announcement, click here: Kineo Knowledgebase link
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