Updates to Classroom Booking System

A range of updates introduced to the classroom booking system to simplify the management of classroom training sessions.

In this release, updates have been introduced to the classroom booking system for administrators to easily identify, search and manage the session details.

The updates include the following:

  • Search for a student to enrol into a session by using both the first name and last name together (separated by a space).  Previously only the first or last name could be searched.
  • Against each student record in a session, the employee ID column has been added to help identify the student against internal records or systems.
  • When a student is enrolled into a session, you can view their group enrolments by clicking on the ID number for each student.
  • Location information has been added to the list of sessions for each course to allow trainers and administrators to easily view where each session is being held. Clicking on the location link will display the venue direction in a map.
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