Tailor-make your learning experiences with course preferences

Learners can get comfortable in consistency with course preferences. They can choose their course settings, and they don’t have to update them every time they take a course.

Your learners can now set their course preferences before they start a course. They can even update those preferences during the course*. Once set, their preferences are kept and used for any future courses they undertake. Site and Learning Management administrators and Direct Managers can also update these features on behalf of the learner**.

To help our learners understand what each course preference is for, we’ve also created a Course Help page; this can be accessed via the Preferences link*** in any course developed by Kineo.

When you change your preferences mid-course, you need to refresh the page or navigate to a new page for the changes to apply.

** NOTE:
For information about adding an Administrator role or Direct Manager to an account, please see the <> article.

*** NOTE:
You can find a copy of the Course Help page in the knowledge base. It’s saved in the Course Help - Course Preferences article. You can also download it now via this link - Course Help - Course Preferences.pdf.

What are course preferences?

Course preferences allow you to change the settings of your courses to suit your needs. You can now define the following options: 

  • Using screen reader software (default = no)
  • Mute audio (default = off)
  • Automatically play video (default = on)
  • Automatically play voice-over (default = on)
  • Voice-over speed (default = normal)
  • Closed captions (default = off)
  • Keyboard shortcuts (default = on)
  • Alternative content for non-accessible activities (default = off)
  • High contrast (default = off)
  • Text size (default = normal)

A Site Administrator, Learning Management Administrator, and Direct Manager can also update these preferences on behalf of the learner. When a change is made, it is recorded in the Audit Log. 

If you have already changed some of these settings, then your preferences are carried over into this new release.

Where can I set course preferences?

There are three places that control course preferences; they are in:

  1. The courses made by Kineo (Kineo Courses),

  2. The Learnforce Portal, and

  3. The Learning Management System (LMS).

Please note that in the Learnforce Portal and LMS, course preferences are held within the account's Account Preferences.

The best thing is, that these places are synced so if you update one, the other is updated automatically. Even though you cannot change course preferences via the Learning Activity Builder, when a course preference is changed, these settings are also applied to Learning Activity Builder courses. 

Kineo Courses

You can access your course preferences after you open a Kineo Course by going to the top-right of the screen and clicking Preferences.

You can also access the Help page from here by clicking the Help button. The Help page provides you with detailed information about course preferences.

When you've started the course, you can access the Help page by clicking on the Course Help [?] icon in the top-right of the page. 

Learnforce Portal

If you allow your users to update their account details in the Learnforce Portal****, then they can now set their Account Preferences in the Portal’s new Preferences tab. A user’s course preferences are held within their Account Preferences. You can access this tab via:

  • Portal > click on the Settings cog underneath your profile picture > select Edit your account > when the Edit Account Details page opens, click on the Preferences tab.


  • Log in to the Portal > click on the Dashboard menu item > select the Edit your account link that is underneath your profile picture > when the Edit Account Details page opens, click on the Preferences tab.

**** NOTE:
The Edit your account link only appears if the User can edit account details setting has been enabled in Configuration. For more information, please see our Configuring Portal - General Settings article.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Your Site and Learning Management administrators and the account’s Direct Manager can update a learner’s course preferences on their behalf via:

  • LMS > select the learner’s group > select their account > go to the Preferences tab.


What’s been removed?

To accommodate the new way of delivering course preferences, we’ve removed some old settings from Configuration. Here’s what we’ve removed:

  • Disable audio toggle – previously visible from Configuration > Products > Portal > General.
  • Accessibility features toggle - previously visible from Configuration > Products > Portal > General.



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