New Feature

Setup a Ask a Tutor form for your learning activities

Allow users to submit questions about your learning activities through the Ask a tutor form.

The Ask a tutor feature provides users with a form that allows them to send a question to an assigned tutor for each online course they are assigned. When a user has questions regarding content in a course they can instantly send a question requesting further information to answer. The completed form will send the assigned tutor an email with the question requested to be answered. This provides users with an interactive way to source more information about each course they undertake in LearnForce.

This product release, includes configuration options to centrally manage the Ask a tutor form for all of the learning activities available in LearnForce, including bespoke and library content develop by e3Learning or self-authored content developed in the Activity Builder.     

The new features include the following:

  • Setup and add accounts with a valid email address as tutors in the system.
  • Select and assign a tutor to be a default tutor for all learning activities, and
  • Assign and un-assign the tutor for one or multiple learning activities.

To leverage this new feature for bespoke or library courses, you will be required to be using the new self-service portal to deliver training to your users.  

Additionally, this will also be available for Lab courses migrated to Learnforce 9.

For more detailed information about this announcement, click here: Kineo Knowledgebase link
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