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SCORM Activity Type

Version 9

Quick and simple uploading of a SCORM package with new SCORM activity type in LAB.

Delivering a single SCORM course to your workforce is now made easier with the new SCORM activity in LearnForce LAB.  

Created from the dashboard, the new SCORM activity allows a single SCORM course to be uploaded as standalone content within an activity, excluding the options to add additional content. 

Importantly, when the SCORM activity is started by a user, the SCORM activity will launch the SCORM course without using the LAB player navigation, reducing the number of pop windows for the end user to access your SCORM content.  

If you wish to add additional content such as pages with text and audio or assessments around your SCORM course, the learning activity option can be selected from the dashboard.

Integrated with SCORM Cloud, LAB’s new SCORM features makes this as your central system to quickly and simply host your SCORM content to deliver to your users.  

For more detailed information about this announcement, click here: Kineo Knowledgebase link
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