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Safe Medication Management and Safe Medication Management Including IV Therapy

Not all healthcare workers perform the same tasks. To ensure fit-for-purpose training, Kineo Courses have updated the Safe Medication Management Including IV Therapy course, as well as a customised version for workers who are not required to perform intravenous therapies.

In the healthcare industry, there are occasions where Enrolled Nurses can administer medication – with the exception of intravenous (or IV) medicines. There are many longer-serving ENs and students yet to attain this competency through formal education.

To address this and ensure contextualised, fit-for-purpose training, Kineo Courses is proud to announce two updated versions of our existing training: Safe Medication Management and Safe Medication Management Including IV Therapy.

Please note that the existing course has been updated and renamed to Safe Medication Management Including IV Therapy. This is to identify it from Safe Medication Management, which does not contain training on intravenous therapies.

Learning objectives

The Safe Medication Management courses have been designed to give Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses and midwives an understanding of best practice for safe medication management, medication administration and medication calculation.

Course completion will give the learner: 

  • an understanding of their responsibility to safely administer medication and reduce the risk of a medication or adverse drug event occurring
  • the ability to identify key risk points in the medication administration process, as well as implement strategies to reduce these risks, and
  • accurately calculate drug and medication dosages – including tablets, mixtures and solutions.

The corresponding course, Safe Medication Management Including IV Therapy, also provides training on calculating intravenous fluid volumes and rates.


Both versions of Safe Medication Management feature:

  • activities and information promoting behavioural change
  • engaging animations and rich imagery
  • additional resources, including blank templates for managers and supervisors to use in your organisation, and
  • rigorous assessments.

This course has been reviewed by Melissa Sinfield, a recognised subject matter expert in this space.

Safe Medication Management Including IV Therapy

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  • New unit ID: 33653 
  • Duration: 60 minutes

Safe Medication Management

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  • Duration: 50 minutes


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