Please help me, I've forgotten my password!

If you have the right permission, you can trigger an email that enables a user to reset their password.

You can now trigger an email that enables a user to reset their password. To do so, you need to be an administrator with the Learning Management System Browse permission, such as Site Administrators and Learning Management Administrators.

You can trigger the email by clicking the shiny, new Reset password button. This button appears when you go to the:

  • Learning Management System (LMS) > select a Group > choose an Account from the Group > go to the Account's Edit tab > view the Reset password button, which appears next to the user's profile picture, and below the account's name and number.

When you click the Reset password button, a warning appears. It allows you to confirm whether you want to trigger a password change for that account.


The Cancel button cancels the request.

Clicking OK sends a Reset password email to the email address linked to that specific account. An example of the email is shown below:


When the user clicks the Reset password link within the email, it takes the user to the portal's Change your password page.

In addition, the Audit Log maintains all password reset requests. An example is shown below:


The Reset password button is disabled when the account does not have an email address listed. In this instance, when you hover over the disabled button, a tooltip appears as follows:


This enhancement includes Learning Management System Browse permissions for System Roles and Custom Roles. You can find these Browse permissions via:

  • Configuration > Site Settings > Access & Security > Roles & Permissions > Learning Management section > Browse heading

For more detailed information about this announcement, click here: Kineo Knowledgebase link
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