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Oral Care in Aged Care

This new course is designed to train carers in providing oral care to help consumers avoid health issues by maintaining oral hygiene. This training is appropriate for both residential and home service aged care providers.

The goal of the Oral Care in Aged Care course is to improve oral care interactions with aged care consumers and better oral hygiene outcomes.This course covers 3 subject areas;

  • Oral hygiene for natural teeth
  • Care, removal and cleaning of dentures
  • Oral health assessments and planning in aged care.

The course is designed to provide the learner with practical training on providing – and assisting with – oral care. It also provides an understanding of the issues and importance of oral care in ageing.

This training is appropriate for use by both residential and home service aged care providers.

This course features:

  • Short seat-time with micro-learning structure.
  • Video-based overview.
  • Interactive activities.
  • Step-by-step downloadable poster for ‘How to insert dentures’.
  • Assessments.

This course has been designed to provide an understanding of how to:

  • maintain oral hygiene
  • provide effective oral care practices
  • safely remove, clean and replace dentures
  • perform oral health assessments, and
  • implement an oral health assessment or plan.

This course has been created in collaboration with the University of South Australia.

Duration: 30 minutes

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