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New strategic partnership with MicroLearn

With just 10-15 minutes to make an impact, MicroLearn’s 80+ courses look to maximise retention through short videos and quick-fire knowledge checks.

MicroLearn's impressive portfolio has been carefully designed, following a microlearning methodology, to create their popular and ever-expanding range of off-the-shelf content. Kineo have selected over 80 titles appropriate for the Asia-Pacific region and this will continue to grow as new products are added.

MicroLearn’s design methodology of bitesize learning fits well with Kineo’s vision of creating personalised, highly curated learning experiences that suit each and every learner, allowing them to reach their full potential. As businesses, we are similarly dedicated to using cutting edge technology to deliver learning resources, in order to create the most impactful learning experience.

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With more than 80 titles for the region, across 12 ranges, the MicroLearn library is expanding rapidly, with brand new content added every quarter. Looking ahead in 2019, MicroLearn have already started curating the content for their first release which will feature courses on Career Planning, First Impressions and Inducting a New Team Member, as well as the expansion of the Workplace Wellbeing range with the addition of Better Judgements, created in collaboration with the award-winning author and specialist in behavioural skills, Liggy Webb.

  • MOBILE-FRIENDLY - Accessibility is paramount, allowing busy learners to engage with content on any device, no matter where they are. The MicroLearn courses are fully responsive to support just in time learning opportunities
  • THE 'WOW' FACTOR! - MicroLearn combines popular colourful whiteboard videos with interactive expanded learning to bring learning to life through memorable and eye-catching visual design.
  • RIGHT-SIZED LEARNING - Never scrimping on substance in pursuit of compact resources, MicroLearn blends bite-sized with right sized, to create content that's just right.
  • MODERN DESIGN - Developed with a scroll-down, web page format, this modern content design offers today's fast-passed learner an innovative yet simple user experience.
  • BITE-SIZED MICROLEARNING RESOURCE - With just 10-15 minutes to make an impact, MicroLearn’s content contains:
    • Whiteboard Video
    • Expanded Learning
    • Check My Understanding
    • Additional Resources

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