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New strategic partnership with DEfactoED

The business world is changing; the ability to thrive in the digital economy is dependent on building mindsets and capabilities to adapt.

Since the mid 2000’s, the evolution in digital technologies has created a massive shift in all our lives – both at home and at work. The opportunities made possible by digital are seismic and require that we think and operate with a very different mindset to the past. We all need to become aware and confident in the emerging digital standards and to keep up-to-date with developments.

We are excited to announce that Kineo and DEfactoED have joined forces, enabling us to offer their product on Digital Transformation.

With DEfactoED we have created an online learning package which will help educate large businesses in the subject of digital disruption and transformation and help them build the capability to embrace the change.

This program has been created by a senior team of academics, commercial leaders and consultants to provide executives, managers and staff in large organisations with an introduction to the fundamentals of digital. It is designed to shift mindsets towards understanding what's now possible from digital.

Course description

Suitable for all executives, managers and staff in large organisations with little or no digital or technology training. Fundamentally the program is for business staff on the receiving end of new technologies rather than technologists.

This digital transformation training is made up of a number of small bitesize modules, designed to be standalone, a complementary campaign or part of a blended programme.

We wanted to create a learning experience that enables learners to have reflective moments, to shift mindsets and get them thinking in more detail about digital disruption and transformation. Above all we want the audience to become excited and more engaged in seeing the potential for digital technologies for both themselves and their businesses.

After completing the training, your employees will be able to:

  • Feel equipped to join in with the digital conversation, have the mindset to ask the relevant questions and let go of current 'sacred cows' thought patterns
  • Learn the new rules and needs of the digital shift in the current world
  • See the required expertise in a different light because of this digital shift
  • Help you find digital solutions through recognising the shape of required capabilities
  • Use micro-learning routinely to gain knowledge of digital changes
  • Assess the potential implications of digital disruption in practical business situations relevant to them

Read the brochure to find out more about this training programme. 

New Unit Numbers

  • Digital Transformation: 11675

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