New LearnForce live system status page

A new status page is now available to provide live system updates for the LearnForce platform, and to notify users about all scheduled maintenances, product releases and any unplanned service interruptions. The LearnForce status page includes separate Australian and European pages so you can receive the avalability information you need for the LearnForce environment you use.  

What is the LearnForce live system status page?

In order to maintain the infrastructure and continuously introduce improvements to our products, periodic maintenance and product releases are scheduled for LearnForce.  The new status page is a central location to display the live system status and incident information about LearnForce, and provide its end users with the ability to subscribe to all events for the platform.

Separate status pages are available for Australian and European based users, so they can receive notifications only on the environments they use. 

How to access the LearnForce live system status page?

There are various ways that you can access the LearnForce live system status page:

  1. The Australian and Europe status pages can be accessed directly from the following urls:
    1. Australia - http://statuspage.learnforce.io/
    2. Europe - http://statuspageeurope.learnforce.io/
  2. The status page can be accessed from LearnForce 9.  Click on the profile image in the main menu to access the link to the status page, and
  3. Access is also provided from the LearnForce Knowledgebase and the Release changelog.


What information is available on the LearnForce live system status page?

The Status Page provides up to date information about the overall health and up-time of LearnForce and its platforms.  The live system status page includes:

Live system status

View live system and individual component statues that are integrated with the LearnForce platform, to provide you with up to date status information on the environments in the LearnForce platform.

Live system metrics and status

View live system metrics that are integrated with the LearnForce platform, that provide uptime and the relative response times over a month period, for both the Australian and Europe Production and Beta environments.

Maintenance and product release events

All scheduled and emergency (unplanned) maintenances events plus all product release events are referenced on the status page.  Notifications can also be received for all scheduled or unscheduled events with in progress and completed status updates to anyone who has subscribed.

Past Incidents

View the history of all past incidents for LearnForce, including when the incident occurred, the resolution time and any post mortems details.  

How to subscribe and receive updates from the LearnForce live system status page?

The LearnForce status page enables end users to subscribe and receive updates when schedule maintenance or any unplanned incident occurs. To subscribe and receive notifications regarding these incidents, the user is required to click on the subscribe to updates button in the main menu to subscribe and receive notifications to one of the following:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Twitter, or
  • Webhooks

**Remember to only subscribe to the Australian or Europe live system status pages you would like to receive updates for. **


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