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New course added to the Safe Work Practice Suite - Session 7 Equipment to Assist Stand Transfers

Traditional stand lifters pose some limitations.This course aims to educate healthcare workers on the advances in assistive standing aides.

Traditional stand lifters do pose some limitations, such as:

  • requiring more operators,
  • imposing distance limitations,
  • a higher risk of falls,
  • encouraging un-natural movement, and
  • having to work with a power source.

Course description

This course aims to educate healthcare workers on the advances in assistive standing aides. Stand aids are mechanical devices that assist a person to stand. Knowing the differences between these aids educates the healthcare worker to empower their client to reach their full potential. 

Stand aids, such as the SARA Stedy, are very user friendly and not only empower the client to relearn natural standing biomechanics, but they have features to significantly reduce falls risk, allow a small distance of transportation within the client’s immediate area, do not require a power source and allow for one person operating procedures – compared to a traditional stand lifter.

We explain the benefits of each of these aids, the client group they target and a step by step process on the features and how to use them.

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  • Session 7 Equipment to Assist Stand Transfers: 11671

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