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Learning Management Search

Version 9

Quickly and easily search for the record you need with the new Learning Management search functionality.

Searching across records is now possible with the new integrated search in LearnForce Learning Management. The Learning Management search, available in the main navigation header, provides central access to be able to search for accounts, groups, providers and external training modules created within Learning Management.

Key features and benefits available with the new search in Learning Management are:

  • Search for any account you have browse or manage permissions over, by the accounts username, full name, account id or email address.

  • Filter accounts you search for by their status and role.​​​

  • Search for groups and sub groups within the group structure you have manage or browse permissions over.

  • Search for a provider or external training modules. 

  • Additional information about each search result is displayed by hovering over a search entry.  The pop up information panel will display the photo for the record, and provide information to assist with identifying the record you need access to. 

  • All search results will be retained in the same login session, so each time you go back to the search you can access your previous searches, and quickly and easily navigate between records you need access to.

Detailed information about the Learning Management search can be accessed from the LearnForce knowledgebase or by viewing the video below.

For more detailed information about this announcement, click here: Kineo Knowledgebase link
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