New Feature

LearnForce Help Centre

Version 9

Get the help you need, when you need it, by accessing knowledgebase articles in LearnForce from the new Help Centre.

When using LearnForce there are times when you need assistance with features or need to implement a configuration change but are unsure how to do it. The integration of the knowledgebase into LearnForce Help Centre, allows you to get the help you need directly in LearnForce, without having to navigate away from the application.

The knowledgebase articles available in the new Help Centre are specific to the product you are in. For example, you can now find help about how to save a report when you are in LearnForce Reporting.  The Help Centre provides a text search so you can easily find the information you need or alternatively navigate to the full knowledgebase to find information about any product in the full LearnForce suite.

The following applications have been introduced with the new LearnForce Help Centre as part of this release:

  • Activity Builder
  • Catalogue
  • Configuration
  • Learning Management
  • Reporting



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