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Keeping Children and Vulnerable People Safe

All children should be provided the time and secure space to flourish as children.

This course has been developed for volunteers and staff, to provide basic training on key issues relating to care and safety of children and vulnerable people in a community organisation context.

In recent years community trust has been eroded in the safety and care of children in our community institutions after many State and National inquiries into institutional behaviours on these issues. That trust has been further eroded in light of institutional failures to appropriately respond to victim’s needs.

It is within our grasp to improve these outcomes where a strong organisational culture and good practice can foster better protections for our children and ward off potential abusers.

This training provides an introductory foundation for elements of that practice, to assist practitioners across an array of roles within the organisation, where there is regular care of children and vulnerable people.

Course description

This course has been designed to provide basic training on key issues relating to care and safety of children and vulnerable people at a personal level and in the contexts of community organisations and institutions.

After completing this course, you will have an understanding of:

  • the need to keep children and vulnerable people safe
  • personal and organisational safety management
  • the issues of abuse and responding appropriately to incidents and suspected malicious behaviours, and
  • how to support the rights of children and vulnerable people, and
  • create a safe environment for all.

There have been no text modifications to this course, however this product has been updated with the addition of a customised new ‘home page’ feature. This element of the Kineo Courses offering provides a dashboard style entry point into the module. The home page allows the learner to directly personalise the experience by being able to:

  • toggle the audio on/off,
  • change the audio speed,
  • toggle WCAG 2.0 AA Accessibility on/off,
  • change the contrast, or
  • change the text size.

The home page also provides:

  • an aesthetically appealing mosaic table of contents,
  • a visual progress dial,
  • an overview of the course, and
  • reassurance for the learner that the course has been reviewed by a credible subject matter expert.

This product has been converted into Responsive format. Responsive format is our latest approach to course design. It combines fluid and adaptive design, allowing you to view our pre-built courses on any device. No changes have been applied to the learning outcomes. However, we recommend that clients update to the new unit for an improved learner experience. Approximately 85 minutes of learning.

New Unit Number – 11674

Old Unit Number – 6990

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