Integration of SCORM Engine in Activity Builder

Deliver your SCORM content with the new SCORM player in LearnForce LAB.

Importing SCORM courses in LAB allows you to deliver to your users in LearnForce course content built in various authoring tools such as Captivate, Articulate Storyline and Lectora etc.

Currently SCORM content uploaded into LAB is delivered using a third-party SCORM player called SCORM Cloud.  In this release, a new SCORM player has been integrated into LAB called SCORM Engine. This product is the same player as SCORM Cloud, but instead this player and all SCORM content is hosted in the e3Learning AWS infrastructure.

The benefits this change delivers are:

  • e3Learning hosts and manages all SCORM content in the e3Learning infrastructure
  • SCORM content will be stored in your region, either in AWS Sydney or Ireland (depending on which e3 Infrastructure you use).
  • All SCORM tracking data will be stored and maintained in the e3 AWS infrastructure, and
  • Uploading and playback of SCORM content will be faster than previously experienced with SCORM cloud.

All new SCORM courses uploaded to LAB will be using the SCORM Engine player beginning from the 19th of December. Existing SCORM courses already uploaded in LAB will continue to use SCORM Cloud player. To leverage the new SCORM player, existing courses can be migrated to SCORM Engine by downloading and reuploading the SCORM package in your LAB course. Please note, when migrating to SCORM Engine the tracking will be lost for courses that are in progress, so it is recommended that a SCORM course is migrated once all assigned users have completed that course.

If you need further information regarding this update, please send us a support request


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