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An incident occurs when something happens that you or your employer didn’t plan for or can’t control. Some incidents might seem minor. When an incident occurs, it must be investigated.

Consider this: it’s been a long day at work, you’re tired, and you’re not focussing on what you’re doing. We’ve all been there, right?

To some people, that might just mean you aren’t as productive at your desk as you are normally. To others, though, it could be serious. A lapse in concentration here, a cut corner there, before you know it, you’ve narrowly missed being involved in a workplace incident – or worse, you’ve been directly involved in one. A poorly loaded pallet. Not looking where you’re going on a forklift. A fluid spill on the floor. An incident could be almost anything, and it could have serious repercussions.

Incidents that occur at work must be investigated. Even if it seems minor, or no one was injured, there is the potential that serious injury or even death could occur in the same future incidents. Even a near miss needs to be investigated!

Effectively investigating an incident also means that you can prevent similar incidents, or minimise the chances of similar incidents, happening in the future.

Incident Investigation has been updated to better reflect the Kineo Courses approach to course builds following a recent review by the team and one of our subject matter experts. The course now features an opening animation, a new Homepage, and redundant splash pages have been removed to improve the learner experience.

Incident Investigation also features stronger definitions and deeper examples of hazards and incidents, as well as more detailed theories of accident causation and how these contribute to investigating incidents.

Learning Outcomes

This course provides an understanding of:

  • the definitions of an incident, dangerous incident and serious illness or injury from a workplace health and safety perspective
  • how to identify hazards and the impact they have had on the incident under investigation
  • who to notify and what to report when an incident occurs
  • why it’s important to investigate incidents
  • how to conduct an incident investigation
  • how to identify factors that contributed to an incident, and
  • how to recommend appropriate corrective actions.


This course features:

  • activities and information promoting behavioural change
  • engaging animations and homepage
  • rich imagery and illustrations
  • additional resources, and
  • rigorous compliance-achieving assessments.

These courses have been reviewed by Greencap, a recognised subject matter expert in this space.

Incident Investigation

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  • Duration: 70 minutes


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