Improvements to Learning Activity Assessments

LAB assessments have been restructured to present a simplified score and assessment attempts for LAB users.

Following improvements have been introduced with this release:

  • Assessment Attempts

While attempting an assessment, if the learner did not complete the assessment, when returning to the assessment the learner would be required to undertake the assessment all over again as a second attempt.

An improvement has been introduced where if the learner re-attempts an incomplete assessment, they will now be able to attempt only the unanswered questions in order to fulfil a particular assessment.

  • Percentage Score Calculation

Percentage scores for incomplete assessments were calculated on the basis of last attempted question.

Percentage scores for incomplete assessments have been updated to be calculated on the basis of all the required questions thereby displaying the exact score percentage for each LAB assessment attempted by the learner.

  • Multiple Attempts shown in results page

LAB administrators can now enable the “Show previous attempts” option on results tab of the assessment, once enabled it will allow the learner to view the results of multiple attempts performed on an assessment.

“Show previous attempts” will allow learners to keep a track of number of attempts and review their progress



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