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Healthcare Emergency Preparedness

Kineo is proud to release the new Healthcare Emergency Preparedness course. This short course is designed to ensure healthcare workers can correctly recognise, call and respond to emergency colour codes in healthcare environments.


Do you know what to do in an emergency?

Kineo’s new Healthcare Emergency Preparedness course is a short, behaviourally-focused course, designed so that when the worst happens, healthcare workers can respond quickly and appropriately.

Throughout the training, learners are provided with clear training regarding each colour code – what it’s called for, when it should be called, and how to respond to it.  Each colour code is reinforced with clear, visual styling. Case studies and videos are used to ensure engagement throughout.

The course also contains filtered learner-specific content regarding Code Grey. Code Grey is a healthcare emergency code used in Victoria, for a threatening incident that can be handled internally – without referring to exterior Emergency Services.

This course will give learners an understanding of:

  • which colour codes are used for which specific emergencies
  • when to initiate an emergency code, and
  • how to behave in specific emergency situations.

The course features:

  • a seat time of approximately 20 minutes
  • engaging animated video and presentational case studies
  • full course voiceover and WCAG compliance
  • two non-mandatory practice activities, and
  • additional resources.

Practice activities

Two non-mandatory practice activities have been developed to allow learners the chance to practice the key behavioural course outcomes.

  • recognising what healthcare emergency has occurred based on the colour code called, and
  • calling the correct colour code based on an emergency situation in the healthcare environment.

The Healthcare Emergency Preparedness course unit ID is 30772.  

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