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Food Allergens in Aged Care

Food Allergens in Aged Care is a new online training course developed to provide learners working in residential and home-based care settings with all the knowledge and tools they need to ensure that consumers are provided with food that is safe for them.

Food allergies and intolerances are among the fastest-growing chronic conditions, affecting approximately 1 in 5 Australians. Older people are at an increased risk of suffering from adverse or life-threatening effects from food allergies, as ageing immune systems, gastrointestinal changes, and cognitive decline make it more challenging to stay on top of safe food intake.

It is crucial that aged care staff understand what a food allergy is, how to be safe with food, and the strategies for managing food allergies among consumers.  

What does the course cover?

Throughout the course, learners will discover:

  • what a food allergy is and how it affects the human body 
  • the differences between allergies and intolerances
  • what the most common allergens are
  • the food safety responsibilities relevant to their role
  • strategies for managing food allergies among consumers
  • how to avoid cross-contamination
  • recognising and responding to an allergic reaction, and
  • how to use an adrenaline autoinjector.


The Food Allergens in Aged Care course has been developed to provide a user-friendly and comprehensive learning experience, with features including:

  • activities and information promoting behavioural change
  • full course voiceover and WCAG 2.1 level accessibility
  • engaging animations and rich imagery, and  
  • rigorous assessments.

Additionally, the course provides learners with downloadable ‘takeaway’ resources, including the ‘Signs of Allergic Reaction’ poster, an example meal plan template, and interactive food safety checklists.

The course has been reviewed by Melissa Sinfield, a recognised subject matter expert in the aged care space.

Food Allergens in Aged Care

  • Unit ID: 34550
  • Duration: 40 minutes 
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