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Falls Prevention in Residential Aged Care and Falls Prevention in Home Care

Falls Prevention in Residential Aged Care and Falls Prevention in Home Care are two new online training courses developed to provide learners, such as personal care workers and assistants-in-nursing, with an understanding of the serious repercussions of falls and how to prevent them in residential aged care and home care.

Falls are the leading cause of unintentional injury in older Australians. A fall can cause a wide range of serious health issues to older people in care, from physical injuries to psychological impacts. But the good news is that most falls can be prevented. Falls are almost always caused by one or more risk factors, and while the risk of falling can never be completely removed, it is possible to identify falls risk factors and put strategies in place that remove or reduce falls risks.

Falls Prevention in Residential Aged Care and Falls Prevention in Home Care have been developed to assist aged care organisations to meet the requirements of Aged Care Quality Standard 3: Personal care and clinical care and Standard 8: Organisational governance. Falls are a high-impact risk and preventing falls is part of delivering safe and effective personal and clinical care in accordance with the consumer’s needs, goals and preferences.

Kineo’s Falls Prevention courses are suitable for personal care workers and assistants-in-nursing working in residential aged care or for those providing home care in the community. It is especially useful for PCWs and AINs who interact directly with aged care consumers, the ‘boots on the ground’ who spend their days providing personal care. These are the staff who can identify changes in the health or mobility of people receiving care and report it so that falls prevention strategies can be put in place.

This course is useful as standalone training or paired with our existing aged care courses to provide a holistic approach to aged care.

These courses feature:

  • Rich and engaging animations
  • Activities that promote behavioural change
  • Assessments targeting specific learning outcomes

These courses focus on the following learning outcomes:

  • what can happen if a resident or client has a fall
  • how to identify factors that can increase a resident or client’s risk of falling
  • the importance of falls prevention strategies, and
  • •how to identify what can be done to reduce falls risks for residents and clients.

These courses have been reviewed by a recognised subject matter expert.

Falls Prevention in Residential Aged Care

Unit ID: 31700

Duration: 40 minutes

Falls Prevention in Home Care

Unit ID: 31701

Duration: 40 minutes


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