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Duty of Care

Kineo’s Duty of Care courses have recently been reviewed by our subject matter experts at Greencap and updated to reflect the latest Australian legislation and recommended best practice. In addition ,the courses have improved navigation and visuals with homepages and updated imagery.

Kineo has a Duty of Care course appropriate for your organisation. The options – and their Unit IDs - are:

  • Duty of Care for Managers and Supervisors: 30302 (previously 11451)
  • Duty of Care for Workers: 30303 (previously 11452)
  • Duty of Care for Victorian Managers and Supervisors: 30304 (previously 11469)
  • Duty of Care for Victorian Employees: 30305 (previously 11468)

The courses have been reviewed by our subject matter experts at Greencap. Duty of Care for Victorian Managers and Supervisors has extra content. This content is on:

  • Managing procedures. The course explains the expectations that may exist for leaders in Victoria. This includes; health and safety issues, training, organisational memberships and the proposal of workplace changes.

Other changes are mostly minimal and include updated wording for clarity.

Each course now features a homepage to improve the user experience and for more intuitive navigation.

Each course now features: 

  • A reduced seat time 
  • A full image update 
  • A unique homepage 
  • SME-backed alignment to current WHS/OHS requirements.

Kineo recommends updating to the new version.

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