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COVID-Safe Workplace

COVID-Safe Workplace is a new course developed to assist in the transition back into the workplace after isolation. The course is designed to both provide awareness and give practical behavioural training.

The COVID-Safe Workplace course is specific return-to-work training for re-opening workplaces after COVID-19 isolation.

The goal of the course is to educate learners on the new behaviours expected of them and why. The course also aims to give the learner confidence that returning to work is appropriate. This behavioural-based course begins by providing awareness of the new situation. It then trains the learner in the reasonable precautions required of them and their workplace. The course also ‘checks in’ with the learner to see how they feel about the change and if they understand what is required of them.

In addition, the course includes video instructions on hand hygiene, a downloadable ‘Stop the Spread’ poster and links to  WHO and government resources and information. The course also includes a Myth/Fact activity to dispel rumours surrounding this outbreak.

This new course is designed for all workers who are returning to the workplace after COVID isolation.

This course provides training in:

  • the need for workplace changes
  • how to keep the workplace hygienic
  • behaviours that minimise the risk of spreading the coronavirus, and
  • actively caring for your mental health.

This course features:

  • Short 20-minute seat-time.
  • Animated COVID-Safe awareness videos.
  • An instructional video on hand hygiene with soap and water.
  • An instructional video on hand hygiene with alcohol-based hand sanitiser.
  • A downloadable ‘Stop the Spread!’ poster.
  • A Myth/Fact activity to dispel rumours and reduce stress.

This course has been reviewed by EML, experts in supporting return to work outcomes and driving solutions for improving work health safety.

Duration: 20 minutes plus extra resources.

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