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Contextualisation – the chameleon of elearning

Our newly contextualised learning activities blend the surroundings of that course (the look, feel, and context) to match your learners’ point of view. All you need to do is pick your audience.

Contextualisation is here! 

As learners, we are better at absorbing content when it is relatable to us, when the images and context match what we see in our lives, and when we feel more connected to what we’re learning. Imagine a course that is personalised to your situation. One that delivers content specific to your location, your type of work, or your environment – at no extra cost. This dream is why we are introducing contextualisation through our Kineo Courses.

Contextualised courses are more meaningful, relevant, and retainable to the learner because the lessons within are more relatable. Contextualised courses build a better relationship with your employees by meeting the needs of your target audience. It’s a feature that allows you to connect with your workforce and actually make a difference in their learning development.

Our contextualised learning materials take the look and feel of the business you work in and enable you to deliver content that is specific to your industry, location, or role. When you add a contextualised learning activity to a targeted group, you enable the right content to be delivered to the right audience at the right time.

Why deliver contextualised courses?

Contextualisation can make a measurable and meaningful impact in your business. With this focus on style and delivery, your learners can feel more in tune with their learning. These courses are easy to deploy and scalable, and they provide these main benefits to your workplace:

  • Improve employee engagement
  • Aid in knowledge retention
  • Increase learner motivation
  • Reduce seat time
  • Remove training barriers

With a contextualised course, you can define your audience with a flick of a switch. And, if you have a mix of working environments, then each group can achieve the same learning outcome because the look, feel, and content of the course is tailored to their specific point of view. 

Which courses are contextualised?

Growing, adapting, and evolving – we are growing our list of contextualised courses and will be adding more courses over time. So far, we have contextualised the following learning activities:  

  • Anti-Money Laundering (34413)
  • Basic Life Support (11436)
  • Bullying & Harassment for Employees (30481)
  • Bullying & Harassment for Managers and Supervisors (30480)
  • Equal Employment Opportunity for Employees (23169)
  • Equal Employment Opportunity for Managers and Supervisors (23172)
  • Healthcare Emergency Preparedness (30772)
  • LGBTIQA+ Awareness in the Workplace (33728)
  • Privacy and the Workplace (29645)


How can I apply contextualisation to my site?

One of the best places to start is our Contextualisation FAQ article -  

However, if you’d like to jump straight in and update your site, your Site or Learning Management Administrator can apply a contextualised course to a group via your Learning Management System (LMS). To find out more, please see the following articles in our Knowledge Base:

If you would like to see which courses on your site have the contextualisation feature, you can find them by looking here:


Configuration > Site Settings > Licensing & Usage > Learning Activities > Features column > Contextualisation icon


Representation matters and learner engagement is crucial

Over the past 20 years, Kineo has become an expert in people and digital learning, adapting the look, feel, and core of online courses to remain relevant and meet your workplace’s learning needs. Research shows that your workers connect better to training when they can apply learnt concepts to their reality. Which is why we’ve been working on creating contextualised materials.

Learner engagement isn’t just about ticking boxes. It’s about acknowledging, meeting, and improving the diverse needs of your staff; this includes whether they’re an indoor or outdoor worker, a casual employee, or from an English as a Second Language (ESL) background.

Our goal is to provide your teams with training that is inclusive, practical, and insightful. We want to help you improve employee and organisational performance. And, with contextualisation, we can do more than give you a competitive edge, we can help you connect with your people. 


Off-the-shelf with a twist

To meet the needs of many, our Kineo Courses provide the look and feel of an all-purpose workplace. With our contextualised courses, these are now our baseline versions. They are still incredible as they remain inclusive to those who resonate with that version.

To provide more variety – because we’re not a one-size-shoe/box fits all – you now have additional choices that enable you to pinpoint the focus for your learners and improve your chances of resonating with your audience. We’ve created our contextualised courses so that you can choose the version of a course that best meets the needs of your audience based on their:

  • Industry
  • Location or
  • Role


It’s easier for a worker to draw mental connections when the content in a course has framework that is relevant to that person. It deepens their understanding of the topic and allows them to transfer this knowledge back to their job, where it really matters. Which is why we’ve created our Location-based contextualised courses, and why we are continuing to expand on this, our focal industry list:

  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Generalist Outdoor Worker
  • General

This means that, for Industry-based contextualised courses, you can set the aesthetics of that course to be more relatable to a healthcare worker, a person who works in construction or manufacturing, or an employee who works outdoors.

Our Industry-based contextualised courses are as follows:

  • Bullying & Harassment for Employees (30481)
  • Bullying & Harassment for Managers and Supervisors (30480)
  • Equal Employment Opportunity for Employees (23169)
  • Equal Employment Opportunity for Managers and Supervisors (23172)


Contextualisation allows us to provide you with content based on the place you work. We have contextualised versions that reflect the legislation or process most appropriate to your location. For example, in our Healthcare Emergency Preparedness course, learners based in Victoria will receive content relevant to their Victorian-specific Code Grey. Likewise, in our Anti-Money Laundering course, contextualisation allows learners to select content specific to one or more of the following regions:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom
  • Malaysia

Our Location-based contextualised courses are:

  • Anti-Money Laundering (34413)
  • Basic Life Support (11436)
  • Healthcare Emergency Preparedness (30772)
  • LGBTIQA+ Awareness in the Workplace (33728)


A learner is more likely to interact with and remember content that targets their current role, their projects, or their area of work. An engaged learner is also likely to be a more motivated one, as they can associate this learning with their own experiences. As such, we currently cater for the following roles:

  • Bank Customer Service Representative
  • Call Centre Worker
  • Carer
  • Healthcare worker
  • Salesperson
  • Teacher

Our Role-based contextualised course is:

  • Privacy and the Workplace (29645)

When launching a case studies activity in this course, the learner can select the option that best fits their role – unless the role is specified in the system; in this case, the system takes the learner straight to the specified role.

Growing, adapting, and evolving – we will be adding more industries, locations, and roles over time, so if yours isn’t listed and you would like it to be, please get in touch and we’ll see if we can add it to our available options.



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