New Feature

Assigning custom training statuses

Version 9

Assign custom training statuses to your users training objectives.

A new feature has been introduced to LearnForce Learning Management to allow administrators to assign custom training statuses to learning objectives.  This feature allows a custom status to be assigned to each training course to align to each organisations training tracking and reporting requirements.

Available on the Learning Activities tab for each user, is a button that allows you to assign a custom status to an objective

When assigning a custom status to a training objective, you will be able to enter comments to record the reason for the status change.  Where the status change is on behalf of another user, such as a trainer, this user can be mapped to the status change.

The system and custom statuses assigned to each training objective can be viewed in the status log, along with dates and any comments entered.

Assigned custom training statuses can be reported on from the user training report, available under LearnForce Reporting.  

For more detailed information about this announcement, click here: Kineo Knowledgebase link
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