Archive a Learning Activity in LearnForce Activity Builder

Get a simple and clean LAB dashboard by archiving learning activities that are no longer in use.


Archiving a learning activity in Activity Builder allows you to remove the learning activities that are no longer in use from the dashboard while retaining the learning activity’s content for future use. Once a learning activity is archived, administrators can no longer assign that learning activity to an account or a group, however it remains assigned to those users who already have it.

Features include:

Archive a Learning Activity

Available to site administrators, a learning activity can be archived by clicking the context menu against the learning activity.

Filtering Learning Activities

Filter options enable you to narrow down the learning activities visible on your dashboard based on the criteria such as Status, Enrolment or Type. By default, the dashboard will have all filters on except for archived activities

Unarchive Learning Activities

At any point, a learning activity can be unarchived by clicking on the Make Live button available in the context menu. The learning activity will then be displayed on the dashboard as Live, and be assignable in the learning management system.

Searching a Learning Activity

The search functionality has been updated and now displays clickable results displayed in alphabetical order. Additional information about each learning activity is displayed by hovering over a search result. All search results will be persistent to your session within LAB.

Archiving a learning activity associated with other LearnForce products

Where a learning activity is associated with products such as Catalogue, Store or SitePass; attempting to archive the activity will display a warning message accordingly.

For more detailed information about this announcement, click here: Kineo Knowledgebase link
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