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4 New Titles from Interaction Training

Our longstanding strategic content partner has increased their offering with Kineo to over 130 titles with the addition of four new products.

Positive and Productive Workplace

While it is recognised that some level of conflict occurs in all workplaces and some degree of “creative tension” may be positive, our policy recognises the requirement for appropriate behaviour and the right to raise legitimate workplace concerns. In this course, we focus on the fundamental and legal right to work in an environment that is free of unlawful bullying and harassment. Approximately 30 minutes of learning.

Asbestos awareness

This Asbestos Awareness course is designed to assist you in understanding policies and procedures regarding the safe handling and disposing of Asbestos. We will identify the 3 main types of asbestos and the possible health effects of exposure to airborne asbestos. We will also identify how asbestos risks are managed in the workplace, investigate what an asbestos register is and explain the general procedures should asbestos be discovered or disturbed. Approximately 20 minutes of learning.

Safe driving

The goal of this course is to encourage those who work with vehicles to consider work health and safety practices in their workplace and to put into place measures to help ensure they arrive home safely every day. Approximately 30 minutes of learning.

Taking responsibility and embracing accountability

This course explores the vital step of taking responsibility, which starts with developing a belief that you, as an individual, are accountable for the quality and timeliness of the outcome. Approximately 30 minutes of learning.

New Unit Numbers

  • Positive and productive workplace (bullying and harassment for workers) - 11639
  • Asbestos awareness - 11679
  • Safe driving - 11682
  • Taking responsibility and embracing accountability - 11683

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